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2015 Fotozones Safari Prices

Approx. US$ |  £ |  €

Approx. US$ |  £ |  €

Approx. US$ |  £ |  €

Note that these prices are based on a live currency conversion courtesy of Coinmill.com. The price of the safaris is fixed in Rands which is what you will need to pay across via SWIFT bank transfer 3 months prior to joining. A 30% deposit secures your spot. The price is per person sharing (ask about single supplements). Visit our Safari Zone for detailed information on these safaris.

Fotozones Pic Of The Week

Working With Olympus FL-600R Flashes

Author: Dallas   Date: 19 May 2015 06:34

Olympus makes a fine little flash for the OM-D cameras in the form of the FL-600R. Dallas takes a closer look at them. [read article]

Fotozones Image Sharing & Critique Zone

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Fotozones is privately owned and managed by South African professional photographer Dallas Dahms. The Nikongear.com website that he established in 2005 has been entirely incorporated into Fotozones.