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As each month goes by we would like to publicly acknowledge the kindness of those members who have made a donation to help with the running of the site. This page will be updated to include the names of each donor, starting from September 2009. Amounts will not be published.

If you would like to donate to the site, you can click on the donate button at the top of the right side of this page.

April 2014 contributions from:
Bjørn Rørslett, Tony Oaten, Simone Surace, Armando Morales, Nils Hertzberg, Rodrigo Ortiz, Frank Vevik, Hans Cremers, Bjørn Thunestvedt, Ronald Savey, George Bohannon, Anthony Macaulay, Andrea Blum, Chris Wahl.

March 2014 contributions from:
Bjørn Rørslett, Taran Morgan, Andrea Blum, Nick Wise.

February 2014 contributions from:
Simone Tomasi, Bjørn Rørslett, Antony Carpentieri.

January 2014 contributions from:
Bjørn Rorslett, Mike Gorman, Mark Akamine. Target unmet, carried over to Feb.

December 2013 Christmas Drive contributors:
Fred Azinger, Bjørn Rørslett, Frank Vevik, Frank Fremerey, Frederick Ramsey, Bjorn-Arild Jorgensen, Armando Morales Gil, Francis Kauzlarich, Robert (Kim) Holwick, David Jones, Daniel Brown, Vivion Mulcahy, Chris Wahl, William Oliver, Jan-Petter Midtgård, Oivind Toien, Anthony Macaulay, William Mellen, Stephen Symes, Thomas White Hook, James Fitzgerald, Bruno Schroder, Fanie Du Plessis, Andrea Blum, Bjørn Thunestvedt, Hans Cremers, Andrzej Iwanowski, Damian Harty, Werner Droste, Krister Melander, Erik Lund, George Bohannon, Colin Malsingh, Sten Rasmussen, William Luu, Rodrigo Ortez, Ann Shelbourne, William Halvorsen, Robert Myers, Tony Oaten, Eric Borgström, Hugh Gunn, Ole Gammelsæter, Calvin Smith, Dave Paterson, Christopher Perkins, Kent Smith, Klavdij Skubin.

November 2013 contributions from:
Fanie du Plessis, Daniel Diggelmann, Poul Pedersen, Hallsteinn Magnusson, Akira Sakimoto, Thomas Stellwag, Mike Gorman, Bjørn Rørslett, Boris Zugic, Richard Sandor, Bjørn Thunestvedt.

October 2013 contributions from:
Colin Malsingh, Bjørn Rørslett Target Unmet (carried over).

September 2013 contributions from:
Bjørn Rørslett (x2), Mike Gorman, Richard Sandor. Target Unmet (carried over).

August 2013 contributions from:
Taran Morgan (x2), Boris Zugic, Roger L. Bunting, Fred Azinger, Bjørn Rørslett, Andrea Blum, Per-Oyvind Oedegard, Klavdij Skubin, Nils Hertzberg. TARGET MET

July 2013 contributions from:
James Thomas, Robert Wong, Hans Cremers, Frank Fremerey, Bjørn Rørslett, Jan-Petter Midtgård, Simone Tomasi, Francis J. Kauzlarich, Michael Selby, Daniel Diggelmann. TARGET MET

June 2013 contributions from:
Robert Myers, Bjorn-Arild Jorgensen, David Paterson, Bjørn Rørslett, Richard Sandor.

May 2013 contributions from:
Andrea Blum, Luc de Schepper, Hans Cremers, Wolfgang Rehm, Mike Gorman, Sten Rasmussen, Frank Vevik, Chris Wahl, Kjell Cat Heskestad, Krister Melander, Bjørn Thunestvedt.

April 2013 contributions from:
None received.

March 2013 contributions from:
Jan-Petter Midtgård, Anthony Macaulay, David Paterson, Mark Schwettmann, Armando Morales Gil, Vivion Mulcahy, Colin Malsingh, Werner Droste, Kevin Bateman, Sten Rasmussen, Erik Lund, Jürgen Ramskov, William Luu, William Halvorsen, Mike Gorman, Robert Holwick, John Harrison, Lowell Harris, Nicolas Dumont, Dale Keith, Kim Johnson, Lorne Black, Dale Keith, Ole Gammelsæter, Joe Farrugia, Scott Scoville, Andrea Blum.

February 2013 contributions from:
Alf-Idar Iversen, Andrea Blum, Richard Sandor.
Project Fotozones contributions from: Chris Wahl, Nils Hertzberg, Michael Erlewine, Colin Malsingh, Nicolas Bouchard.

January 2013 contributions from:
Eric Foster.

December 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Hans Cremers.

November 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Alf-Idar Iversen, Thomas Stellwag.

October 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell.

September 2012 contributions from:
Sten Rasmussen, Roland Tibell, Chris Wahl.

August 2012 contributions from:
Luc De Schepper, Roland Tibell.

July 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell.

June 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Mike Selby.

May 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Charlie Packard.

April 2012 contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Fahim Mohammed.

March 2012 Contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Frank Vevik, Bjørn-Arild Jorgensen.

February 2012 Contributions from:
Roland Tibell.

January 2012 Contributions from:
Roland Tibell, Richard Luse, Bjørn-Arild Jorgensen.

December 2011 Contributions from:
Hanna Jenanji, Bruno Schroder, Frank Vevik, Frederick V Ramsey, William Halvorsen, Alf-Idar Iversen, Simone Tomasi, Pat