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About Fotozones

Hi there!

My name is Dallas Dahms and this is my website dedicated to discovering everything cool about photography, from the gear to the techniques and mindsets we use to make awesome images.

Some of you may know me from my other website that I started in 2005, namely Nikongear.com, which as of 20 April 2014 has been incorporated into the forum here on Fotozones. Nikongear.com was a very successful forum that grew beyond my wildest dreams, but unfortunately I couldn't continue to run it as a separate project from Fotozones, mainly because I don't use Nikon products anymore. It became increasingly obvious to me during 2014 that the only way forward for me and for Nikongear.com was to merge it with Fotozones. What you're looking at now is the result of that merge and it promises to be even bigger and better than NG since it's not just about one brand.

With Fotozones I intend to not only produce general articles of interest to all photographers, but also curate the content that is produced by our many talented members on the forum. Good forum posts will be promoted to articles and will feature on the front page of the site where more visitors are likely to find them. Any member who's posts get promoted to articles will be awarded a Lifetime Membership to Fotozones, which means that you won't ever have to pay to subscribe in order to enjoy all the benefits of the forum, including access to premium boards and other material found behind the paywall of the site.

The kind of content I'll be writing myself and looking for in the forums is as follows:


Occasionally I write reviews on gear. Those of you who have known me and my writing since I started Nikongear in 2005 will know that I am not interested in technical measurements, so don't expect to see MTF charts or any other kind of geek-speak in pieces that I write. There are enough members of the forum who are way more technically minded than I could ever hope to be when it comes to photography, so I will leave those discussions up to the forumites to have. I'll stick to personal judgements about lenses, cameras and other gear based on how I use them in the field and whether I am satisfied or dissatisfied with the images I make with whatever I'm using (either because I'm no good, or because I find the gear under review is limiting me in some way).


Ever watch Phil Dunphy on Modern Family? He invented Phils'osophy, which is his own whacked out view on life. I have Photolosophy which is my own whacked out view on photography. If there's something on my mind about the industry or imagery in general, you'll find the articles filed under this category.

Gone Shooting

Sometimes I actually get to go out of the office and use my cameras on real jobs, which is cool. If the job is particularly interesting I will write about it under this category. Occasionally I even get out with my cameras just for the fun of it and don't expect to get paid. Those adventures might also end up in this column.

Photo Safaris

The best thing I ever did was start preparing photo safaris for the members of Nikongear.com back in 2009. My business partner Pepe Jones lives in Cape Town and owns a tour company. She and I collaborate on producing exceptional photo safaris here in Southern Africa every year that are designed specifically for photographers who don't want to pay a lot of money to go on a safari "workshop" where you're spending valuable vacation time sitting around laptops or listening to lectures on exposure and other things you probably already know all about. Or even worse: getting homework in the form of "assignments". Your time in Africa should be about your fun, not doing stuff you could be doing closer to home.

The safaris we offer are all about having fun with your cameras. We take you to the most amazing places and we let you loose to shoot as you please. If you're not an advanced photographer and you want to know more about how your gear works or you'd like some tips on how to set things up, I'm always on hand to help you out. As are most of the other people who join us. What I've found on these safaris is that photography knowledge gets shared organically and in a relaxed manner.

We run our safari business under the Photographers.travel brand and you will see adverts and posts about our offers all over this site. If you're thinking of coming to Africa please get in touch - we can put you on one of our group trips, or we can put together various package deals for you. Most of our "Safarians" are repeat visitors, which to me means that we must be doing something right. :D


If you have a company manufacturing products and you’d like to gain a bit of exposure for those products on the site, please get in touch with me. I can offer you advertising space or if you send me a sample of the product I can write about it and let others know how it works in the field, editorial style. I won't take money to write something good about a product, so please don't ever ask me to do that.

Got questions? Just shoot me an email or a private message on the forum. I'm here to answer them.

Enjoy the site!


Fotozones.com is my full time job and I need your help to keep it (and me) running. Next time you need to buy any gear, please consider using one of the following affiliate companies: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Adorama.com, thinkTank Photo and DigitalRev.com.

This doesn't cost you anything more, but by using the links above (or any others found on the site) you are advising the affiliate that you support this website. This results in a small commission for me which isn't going to see me buying yachts in the Caribbean anytime soon, but it does put food on my table. If your preferred outlet isn't among those listed above you can support the site by making a donation, or better still by gifting a subscription to a friend. Thank you for your support. ~Dallas