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Tropic Of Capricorn


Dallas Dahms

Tropic Of Capricorn

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    About Fotozones

    Fotozones is the creation of professional photographer Dallas Dahms. It is a friendly gathering place and communal publishing platform for humble lovers of photography. Members here like to talk about gear, but more importantly they use their cameras to make interesting images around the world regardless of the brand or format of camera. Images are shared in the Image Zone for constructive feedback and once a week our Pic Of The Week Committee selects an image that they feel deserves a place in our showcase. Click here to read more about the history and driving force behind Fotozones.

    How You Can Help Or Get Involved

    1. Don't block the ads. We rely on the revenues from advertisers who pay when their ads are clicked on. If you are blocking the ads you're also blocking our main revenue source.

    2. Help us build great content. We welcome article submissions from all members. Articles can be short or long pieces that have something to do with photography or the technology we use to enjoy photography. We scan the forums for great posts and promote those posts to articles in our system. However it is also possible for members to submit articles directly to the articles system by putting them in our backstage area first. The articles we publish will enjoy higher prominence on the site and also help our search engine rankings.

    3. Subscribe. If you really like what Dallas has accomplished with Fotozones and would like to show your support, there is a $5 a month subscription option available here. This comes with many additional features including less ad visibility.