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Tropic Of Capricorn


Dallas Dahms

Tropic Of Capricorn

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    Apart from a small (voluntary) monthly subscription of $5 received from a few members, this website's only other source of income is from Google ads. If you're blocking the ads you're also blocking the bulk of the money needed to pay for the private server that runs this valuable photography community. Unlike most photography blogs and communities on the internet, we don't produce content simply to get you to buy your gear from affiliate advertiser links. We produce content for the love of photography. The only affiliate program we currently belong to is that of ThinkTankPhoto and any money we earn from this program is used to provide vouchers for bags to members of our community as prizes or rewards for contributing material for our articles archives.

    If you really hate ads but still like Fotozones you can support us by opting to purchase a $5 monthly subscription. This will give you a mostly ad-free experience on the FZ forum (you will only see ads on the footer and front/portal pages of the site). See here for the details.

    About Fotozones

    Fotozones is privately owned and managed by South African professional photographer Dallas Dahms. The Nikongear.com website that he established in 2005 has been entirely incorporated into Fotozones and any purchased memberships from NG have been carried over to FZ, including Life Memberships.

    Membership to Fotozones is free, but certain features of the site, such as using attachments in posts and the private message system require the purchase of the subscription. Once you have reached 500 posts you get those privileges for free. To reduce the number of spam registrations, all new members have to be manually approved. This is done by checking the content of the fields you complete when signing up. If you enter garbage in those fields your account will be deleted immediately.